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Sauce R.O.K Broth-based Anchovies & Natural Ingredients 210g Delicious K-Food.

 It is a simple anchovy broth 

  • A broth-based product made from anchovies and natural ingredients
  • It is a simple anchovy broth-based product that can be used for all dishes such as soup, soup, and stew.
  • Made in Korea

✅Product Features

  • It is made of more than 10 natural ingredients such as anchovies, kelp, and radish.
  • It does not contain synthetic preservatives, synthetic flavorings, and sodium L-glutamate.
  • It was dried while evaporating moisture for a long time under low-temperature pressurization conditions to enhance the deep and natural taste.
  • It can be used in various ways for cooking such as soup, stew, various stir-fried dishes, and seasoned vegetables.

✅Product Configuration

  •  210g (3g x 70pills)

✅Method of cooking

  • Add one tablet for one serving (300ml water) and boil it.
  • Please adjust the quantity according to your preference.

Broth-based Anchovies

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